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TV personality Bill Maher says many pro-Palestinian protestors are misguided narcissists

American TV personality, Bill Maher has said that some college anti-Israel Protesters are ill-informed and mostly out-of-work narcissists. The ‘Real Time’ host who talked about protesters who are blocking roads and bridges, along with those disrupting college campuses, stated that their lack of knowledge over the conflict between Israel and Hamas is breathtaking. Maher also said that protesters who think Israel is an apartheid country are crazy, and he also offered receipts. He averred that these protesters are ignoring countries that subjugate women and minorities, and target the LGBTQ community for death. He added that the Hamas does want to commit genocide against Israel, and their slogan, from the river to the sea,- proves it. Bill also said that while Hamas wants to commit genocide, they can’t, but Israel won’t even though they can carry out a genocide.

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