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One with gun is majority – Lagos police spokesperson advises ‘woke Nigerians’ against challenging anyone armed with a gun

The spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has cautioned ‘woke Nigerians’ against provoking armed persons. In a post shared on his X handle on Monday, May 6, Hundeyin warned against challenging or daring an armed person to shoot or attempting to disarm an armed person. He stressed that such actions never end well, anywhere in the world.

He wrote;

“Ladies and gentlemen, especially the woke generation, for your safety, please stop challenging/daring an armed person to shoot, asking an armed person, daringly, how many people he/she can kill or attempting to disarm an armed person. “It never pans out well. Nowhere in the world does it. A shot once fired can never be retrieved. A life once lost can never be brought back. “Remember, one with gun is majority. “Note: This is not about armed police officers only. This is about any armed person, security forces, or criminals.”

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