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Nigerian man shares CCTV footage showing moment woman stole his friend’s phone in a UK restaurant

A Nigerian man has shared CCTV footage showing the moment his friend’s phone was stolen by a woman in a restaurant in Woking, the United Kingdom.

Posting the video on his X handle, Alex Oluwatobi stated that the suspect had an accomplice and they both pretended to be beggars.

‘’Always stay at alert, no dey loose guard; home or abroad, nah everywhere thieves dey.

This happened to my paddy in a restaurant in Woking.

They pretended as if they were beggars, he shouldn’t have allowed them move close to him, but he probably thought “this is abroad, nothing fit happen”.

After 10 mins, his head felt light while his body became heavy, that was when it dawned on him that something don happen.”

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