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Actress Queeneth Hilbert calls out Mercy Johnson for “decasting” her in a movie and Angela Okorie for following suit because of their friendship.

5th may 2024

Actress Queeneth Hilbert has stepped into Angela Okorie’s beef with her former friend and colleague Mercy Johnson. Angela has been online, claiming that a certain Mercy J’s mother was a witch.

Angela also interviewed a former friend of Mercy Johnson who claimed that Mercy’s mother tied her by asking her to remove her clothes and give to Mercy to wear while telling Mercy to remove hers and give them to the friend to wear. The friend claimed this happened when she and Mercy were trying to get into the movie industry. In all of these, Mercy has remained silent. Now, Queen Hilbert has called out Mercy Johnson and also called out Angela for now speaking up after allegedly joining Mercy to “decast” her in the past.

Queeneth claimed that Mercy Johnson decasted her in a particular movie and removed her from the movie posters. She added that Angela Okorie always supported Mercy and because they were “so close”, Angela also “decasted” her in a movie. Read Queeneth’s allegations below.

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